Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Street Roots and Starbucks

I've been thinking a lot about some very interesting business models. Tom's Shoes, BogoLight, and the like. Tom's Shoes is a for profit company that sells trendy canvas type shoes, and for every shoe that is purchased the give one to a barefooted kid in a third world country. BogoLight is a similar model where you can purchase an amazing LED / Solar charging flashlight, and one gets donated to a kid in Africa. These kids don't have electricity, and need these lights to practice reading at night, and for practical tasks such as walking to the latrine at night.

These things are amazing business models, but we need to support them. I am also thinking about the American church and our addiction to comfort. I think we will "sacrifice" as long as it doesn't infringe on our comfort. But then again isn't infringing on our comfort the definition of sacrifice. I know, at least in the Northwest, we have a coffee addiction. Folks will pay anywhere from 1.50 to 4.00$ everyday to get the cup of joe. Streets Roots is printed twice a month, and costs one dollar. So on average Christians would have to sacrifice one cup of coffee a month to purchase an issue of Street Roots from a vendor, twice monthly. This vendor would then have an income and the dignity associated with a job. One cup of coffee a month seems so small, but why does it also seem so hard.

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